Is TaskBucks Legit or a Scam? A Deep Dive Into TaskBucks App Reviews

As the gig economy grows, more and more people are turning to side hustles and beer money apps to earn some extra cash. One such app that has been gaining some traction lately is TaskBucks.

TaskBucks markets itself as an easy way to earn money from your phone through simple tasks like downloading apps, taking surveys, watching videos and more. But is TaskBucks legit or a scam?

TaskBucks review
TaskBucks review

In this in-depth review, we’ll take a closer look at what TaskBucks is, how it works, what other users are saying in their TaskBucks reviews, and ultimately help you decide if it’s worth your time or if you should look elsewhere to make money from your phone.

What is TaskBucks?

TaskBucks is a mobile rewards app launched in 2018 that pays Indian users to complete various tasks on their phones, like:

  • Downloading and trying new apps
  • Completing surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Reading news articles
  • Participating in contests/giveaways
  • Referring friends

For each task completed, you earn TaskBucks which can then be redeemed for mobile recharge or transferred to PayTM cash. It’s currently only available on Android devices.

How Do You Earn Money with TaskBucks?

Let’s take a closer look at the main ways to earn from TaskBucks and how much you can expect to make from each:

1. Downloading Apps

This is the primary way users earn money with TaskBucks. You can browse available offers to download, install and try out new apps. Payouts range from ₹1-100 per app.

2. Completing Surveys

You can earn by taking surveys inside the TaskBucks app. However, there seems to be limited survey options currently.

3. Watching Videos

TaskBucks lets you earn by watching short video ads. However, this section doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

4. Reading News Articles

You used to be able to earn for reading viral news articles. But this has been removed and is no longer a way to earn.

5. Referral Program

You can earn for referring friends to download the app. You’ll make ₹18 for each successful install. If you refer 3 friends in one day, you can make ₹63.

6. Contests/Giveaways

TaskBucks runs occasional contests where you can enter to win PayTM cash prizes up to ₹500. Your chances increase for each task completed.

How Much Can You Earn with TaskBucks?

Most users report earnings around ₹50-100 per month. However, earnings depend largely on how active you are in taking advantage of available offers. Some apps pay up to ₹100 for a single install.

While TaskBucks presents a low-effort way to earn a bit from your phone, most reviewers say the small rewards don’t seem to justify the time spent. Especially when considering limitations around how much you can actually withdraw (more on that next).

Getting Paid: Options and Limits

You’re paid for tasks in the form of TaskBucks, which you can redeem in a couple ways:

Mobile Recharges

You can use earned TaskBucks to recharge prepaid phone credits. There’s no minimum amount, so this option lets you quickly redeem even small rewards.

PayTM Cash Transfers

You can also cash out your balance to PayTM wallet. However, there’s a minimum withdrawal threshold of ₹30. And worse, TaskBucks only allows withdrawals of ₹5 or ₹10 at a time, up to ₹10 per week.

So even if you hit that ₹30 minimum, it could take over a month to fully cash out your balance. This major limitation makes many reviewers question if it’s even worth the effort.

Transaction Fees

Be aware there is also a small ₹2 transaction fee deducted from PayTM cashouts.

Pros of Using TaskBucks

Let’s quickly summarize a few of the main upsides of TaskBucks:

  • Easy to Use: Simple interface makes completing tasks quick and convenient.
  • Variety of Tasks: Good selection like downloading apps, surveys, videos, referrals, and giveaways gives you multiple ways to earn.
  • Prize Contests: Periodic contests let you win larger PayTM cash prizes up to ₹500.
  • Refer and Earn: Decent referral program lets you earn ₹18-25 for each friend you get to join.
  • Legit & Secure: As far as rewards apps go, TaskBucks seems trustworthy and delivers on promised rewards.

Cons of Using TaskBucks

While TaskBucks certainly has some attractive features, it’s not without shortcomings either:

  • Very Limited Withdrawals: Strict limits allowing just ₹10 withdrawals per week make fully redeeming earnings tedious.
  • Small Earnings: Most users only average ₹50-100 per month, making it questionable whether rewards justify time spent.
  • Technical Issues: Some features like videos and surveys don’t seem to be working properly based on reviews.
  • Spammy Experience: Excess ads and push notifications could be annoying for some.

What Do TaskBucks Reviews From Real Users Say?

Looking at TaskBucks reviews from actual users provides great insight into others’ experiences. Here are some of the most common themes found across reviews:

Overall Legit but Small Rewards

Most say TaskBucks is legitimate in that it actually delivers on paying for completed offers as described. However, many note the very small earnings just don’t seem to justify time spent on the app.

“It’s legit and pays, but earnings are too low to use it beyond as just a side hobby.”

Technical Issues and Bugs

A number of reviews cite problems with getting some offers to credit properly or features just failing to work, like the videos section not loading anything.

“I lost over 300 rupees due to offers not crediting even though I completed all steps.”

Payment Limits Make It Difficult to Redeem

The strict rules only allowing ₹10 PayTM withdrawals per week were by far the most common complaint from unhappy users.

“You can never withdraw full balance to PayTM due to bad withdrawal limits.”

Excessive Ads and Push Notifications

Some mention getting spammed with too many ads and pesky notifications pushing offers as being annoying.

“Too ad intensive and too many notifications pushing offers.”

Is TaskBucks Ultimately Worth Your Time?

TaskBucks seems to offer a legitimate way to earn a bit of spare cash. However, tiny earnings combined with strict limits on redeeming your balance make it questionable whether it’s really worth the effort.

Most reviewers suggest treating it as just a casual side hobby you play around with if bored, rather than counting on any significant or consistent earnings.

Many also recommend cashing out your balance to mobile recharges instead of trying to transfer to PayTM, since that avoids the frustrating withdrawal limits.

If interested in testing TaskBucks yourself, going in with proper expectations around the small rewards can help avoid disappointment down the line.

But for those looking to seriously earn money from their phone, you may want to explore some higher paying money making apps as an alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s review answers to some of the most common questions around TaskBucks:

Is TaskBucks legit or a scam?

TaskBucks is a legitimate rewards app that actually pays out earned rewards as claimed. So it is not an outright scam. However, its model relying on excessive ads and very small payouts walks a fine line between useful app and waste of time.

Is TaskBucks safe to use?

There are no serious reports of safety issues or security breaches around TaskBucks. However, as with any rewards app asking you to download third-party material, users should stay aware of permissions apps request during installs.

Is there a TaskBucks referral code?

Yes, you’re given a unique referral code during sign up you can share to earn rewards for successful referrals earning ₹18-25 per install.

What happens to my TaskBucks balance if I delete the app?

If you delete the app, you’ll lose any unpaid TaskBucks balance associated with your account. So be sure to cash out your full balance first before deleting.

Is there a TaskBucks desktop version?

No, TaskBucks is a mobile-only app currently limited to Android devices. There is no website dashboard or desktop version at this time.

Top TaskBucks Alternatives to Consider

If you find TaskBucks disappointing or simply want to explore other top paying mobile rewards apps, below are 3 of the best TaskBucks alternatives to consider:

1. Swagbucks

One of the most popular rewards platforms, Swagbucks lets you earn PayTM cash and gift cards for tasks like surveys, games, shopping cash back offers, searching the web and more. And with a lot more ways to earn, most users report much higher earnings potential.

2. ClipClaps

ClipClaps pays you to watch videos, take quizzes and play games. Payments transfer straight to PayTM or bank account. One of the highest paying rewards apps in India.

3. Toluna Influencers

Get paid for taking surveys and product testing with Toluna. Features lots of daily survey options with decent PayTM cash rewards paid quickly. Also offers additional ways to earn like a referral program.

The Final Take – Worth Trying, But Have Realistic Expectations

At the end of the day, TaskBucks does present a legit way for Indian users to earn a small side income from their phones through simple actions like downloading apps.

However, tiny earnings amounts coupled with frustratingly strict payment limits make it unlikely to become more than just a casual hobby rather than serious income stream.

If you try TaskBucks, go in with proper expectations around the small rewards. And consider treating earnings as bonus store credits by cashing out to mobile recharges instead of getting aggravated by tedious PayTM withdrawal restrictions.

But also be sure to browse ratings and reviews of any apps it has you downloading to protect your personal data and avoid shady companies.

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