Branded Surveys Review – Is Legit or a Scam?

Branded Surveys is a get-paid-to website that rewards you for taking online surveys. But is it worth your time? This Branded Surveys Review review provides an inside look at what Branded Surveys offers, its pros and cons, and things you should know before joining.

Branded Surveys Review
Branded Surveys Review

What are Branded Surveys and What Does It Offer?

Branded Surveys, formerly known as MintVine, is a survey website that pays users to share their opinions via online surveys. It offers various ways to earn reward points, which can then be redeemed for cash payouts or gift cards.

The platform has been operating for many years and has paid out millions of dollars to its members. It’s 100% legitimate and safe to use.

Here are the main ways to earn on Branded Surveys:

This is the primary method to earn rewards on Branded Surveys. New paid surveys are added daily, with each survey listing the number of points you’ll receive for completing it. Points vary based on survey length and complexity.

Daily Polls

These are very quick multiple-choice polls that reward 5 points per day. Easy to complete in under a minute.

Leaderboard Contests

Active members are automatically entered into daily, weekly, and monthly contests. Top point earners win bonus rewards.

Branded Elite Bonus Program

Earn bonuses when you reach certain point thresholds. Become a Silver or Gold member to earn up to a 19% bonus on all surveys.

By providing various ways to earn, Branded Surveys incentivize members to be more active by offering more bonuses and rewards for increased engagement.

Paid online surveys are the main attraction of Branded Surveys. When members log in to their accounts, they can browse available surveys on their dashboard and complete them to earn points.

Surveys vary in length and rewards:

  • Short surveys (5-10 minutes) earn 100-250 points
  • Medium surveys (10-25 minutes) earn 300-750 points
  • Long surveys (25-60 minutes) earn 800-1500+ points

Each survey listing shows how many points you’ll receive for completing that survey. This level of transparency allows members to prioritize higher-paying surveys to maximize earnings.

Surveys cover a wide range of topics like consumer goods, healthcare, technology, entertainment, politics, travel, and more. To qualify, you must match the demographic profile desired by survey providers.

While Branded Surveys have better availability of surveys compared to many sites, members may sometimes need patience to find surveys they qualify for. Using the site daily improves your chances of catching newly posted surveys.

Once completing a survey, the points first show as pending before getting approved, usually within a few days. Branded Surveys claim over 95% approval on survey completions.

Daily Polls

This section features quick 3-5 multiple-choice questions that reward 5 points daily. Each poll takes less than a minute to finish.

While only paying 5 points, Daily Polls provide an effortless way to pad your account balance. Points are instantly credited upon completion, with no approval delays.

Plus, visiting the website daily to answer polls allows members to also check for new paid surveys available. Easy to combine as a small added daily earnings boost.

Leaderboard Contests

All members are automatically entered into daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboard contests. These contests reward top point earners with bonus prizes.

For daily and weekly contests, the top 50 highest point earners win bonuses ranging from 15 to 100 points. In the monthly contests, the top 20 point leaders can win between 300-500 bonus points.

On top of ranking prizes, random members are also chosen to win bonuses. So even lower point earners have a chance.

The Leaderboard section lets you view the top 100 members and their 7-day point totals. This level of transparency helps motivate members to be more active.

While the prizes aren’t huge, Leaderboard contests create a fun aspect where your activity gives you more entries into prize drawings. Plus, increased engagement leads to earning more payable points.

Branded Elite Bonus Program

Branded Surveys incentivizes active members via its Branded Elite loyalty program. Members earn bonuses and faster rewards based on their membership tier:

Bronze (Default tier)

  • Earn 10% survey bonus
  • $10 minimum payout


  • Earn 12% survey bonus
  • $5 minimum payout
  • Faster payout approval processing


  • Earn 19% survey bonus
  • $5 minimum payout
  • Faster payout approval processing
  • Higher value surveys

All members earn a 10% survey bonus automatically. But reaching Silver and Gold tiers (by earning more points) significantly increases bonuses to 12% and 19% respectively.

Plus, qualifying for Silver or Gold reduces the minimum payout from $10 to $5. And payouts get instantly approved instead of pending for review.

Lastly, Gold members gain access to additional higher-paying surveys worth 800-1500+ points.

So Branded Elite incentivizes activity by making increased engagement directly translate to higher bonus earnings and faster rewards.

Payment Methods

Once earning enough points, Branded Surveys allows members to redeem earned rewards in several ways:

  • Get paid by PayPal
  • Receive direct deposit via Branded Pay
  • Redeem gift cards from popular retail brands
  • Donate earned cash rewards to charity

The variety of redemption methods allows users to choose an option best suited to their preference. Here’s an overview:

PayPal Cashout

Having a PayPal account connected allows instant transfers of earned rewards from Branded Surveys. Fast and easy withdrawals make PayPal a top choice for many.

  • Minimum $5 payout
  • Instant processing for Silver/Gold members

Branded Pay

This is Branded Survey’s direct deposit service allowing payments directly to your bank account. Slightly longer process but still fast and reliable.

  • Minimum $5 payout
  • 1-4 business days for payment processing

Gift Cards

Convert points to gift cards from leading retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, Adidas, Walmart, and more. Brand availability varies by country.

  • Most cards have a $5 minimum
  • Instantly receive gift card code

Charity Donations

Convert rewards into cash donations to various charities like Red Cross, Save the Children, etc. Unique social cause redemption method.

  • Minimum $1 donations
  • Point value donated in cash

The $5 minimum threshold on most options makes redeeming earnings easier. Support for fast services like PayPal and gift cards enables users to get their hands on their earnings quickly.

Earning Potential

The most common question around Branded Surveys is exactly how much money you can make. Let’s analyze the earning potential:

  • Each point = $0.01
  • Daily potential of 1000-3000 points (~$10-$30)
  • Exceptional month could yield ~$400

However, earnings vary drastically based on aspects like:

  • Survey supply/demand in your demo
  • Time spent taking surveys
  • Bonuses earned from contests/loyalty programs
  • Activity from referrals

Realistically, most members generate $100-250 monthly by spending 30-90 minutes a day on surveys and contests. Sporadic use yields lower earnings closer to $50 a month.

Top consistent engagement performers can expect $300-400 in optimal conditions. Beyond that, it is quite unlikely for the average person with a regular full-time job.

In summary, Branded Surveys presents:

  • Full-time income: No way, avoid unrealistic expectations.
  • Part-time income: Possible by combining it with other rewards platforms. Difficult for just Branded Surveys alone.
  • Side cash: Easy source for an extra $100-300+ monthly, pays better than most survey sites.
  • Small earnings: Even minimal use yields some rewards. But inefficient.

So temper expectations closer to side earnings, not primary income. Branded Surveys makes an excellent survey site to supplement other earnings sources, providing your demographics match enough survey demand.

Mobile App

Branded Surveys offers free iOS and Android apps to access your account on the go. The app provides great convenience through features like:

  • Complete surveys, polls, and contests
  • Get notifications when new surveys are posted
  • Sync seamlessly across devices

With robust and modern features, the Branded Surveys app expands earning chances by allowing easy access anywhere without being tied to a desktop.

Quick in-the-moment survey completion is easier, allowing you to snag newly available surveys right when posted. Using the app to regularly check for surveys can boost overall earnings.


Branded Surveys operates in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Residents from other countries cannot join currently.

Within eligible countries, you must:

  • Prove residency
  • Be at least 13+ years old
  • Have an email
  • Provide accurate demographic info

Proving residency requires providing a valid postal code and confirming ID details that match public records during account creation.

Accurately providing requested info ensures you have the highest chance of qualifying for surveys suited to your background. Getting disqualified after starting surveys leads to point deductions.

Lastly, you need an email and enough basic digital literacy to understand how to take online surveys. Without those basics covered, using Branded Surveys would remain challenging.

Customer Support

Support options exist in case members encounter issues like:

  • Site access troubles
  • Missing points
  • Payout delays

Here are the customer support channels available:

Knowledge Base

This library of help articles covers the most common issues. Search articles provide step-by-step troubleshooting instructions.

If the Knowledge Base lacks an answer, members can use:

Email Support

Send questions or issues directly to the support team via contact forms. Expect a response within 1-2 business days.

Between extensive self-help articles and direct email access, Branded Surveys provides better customer support coverage than many survey platforms. Checking the Knowledge Base first before asking questions can yield faster resolutions.

Pros and Cons


  • Free registration
  • Reputable company (years in business)
  • Available on the desktop and mobile app
  • Decent availability of surveys
  • Points reward transparency
  • Lucrative loyalty program (Branded Elite)
  • $5 minimum payout threshold
  • Variety of cashout options


  • Highly competitive surveys
  • Sometimes inconsistent survey supply
  • Lengthy member screenout process
  • Reward points hold low cash value
  • Focus groups are rarely available

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In closing, Branded Surveys offers a legitimate service that rewards members for sharing opinions through online surveys. It provides multiple ways to earn reward points and reliable payout mechanisms.

The platform incentivizes activity through bonus programs and contests, allowing earning potential to exceed what many survey sites provide. Just focus on maximizing high-value surveys and loyalty perks.

However, Branded Surveys will never create full-time income levels alone. Align expectations closer to part-time side earnings of $100-300 monthly for the average person, with effort being the biggest income variable.

Ultimately, Branded Surveys work best for members who enjoy taking online surveys and appreciate getting rewarded for a hobby they find fun rather than purely laborious.


How do I join Branded Surveys?

Visit and click “Join Now For Free”
Provide info like name, address, email
Confirm account via email

Can I earn money playing games?

No, Branded Surveys does not currently offer game-playing rewards. It focuses specifically on earnings from online surveys, polls, contests, and bonus loyalty programs.

How long do cashouts take?

PayPal: Instant transfer once approved
Branded Pay: 1-4 business days for direct deposits
Gift cards: Instant email delivery

What is disqualification from surveys?

Disqualification means getting kicked out of a survey when your answers don’t match what the survey provider is seeking. This usually results in point deductions.

Can I take surveys on a mobile phone?

Yes. Branded Surveys offers free iOS and Android apps to complete surveys on phones or tablets.

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