Freecash Review – Is It Legit or Scam To Earn Money Online? is a get-paid-to (GPT) site that offers users various ways to earn rewards online. The site claims users can earn up to $10 or more per day by completing simple tasks. But is Freecash legit, or is it a scam?

Freecash Review
Freecash Review

After testing Freecash extensively, I can confirm that it is 100% legit and pays as advertised. I have earned money from Freecash myself multiple times. Below I provide an in-depth Freecash Review of how Freecash works, its main features, payment proof, earnings potential, pros and cons, and more.

What is

Freecash is a GPT site founded in 2017. Originally launched as, it rebranded to Freecash in 2019.

The site offers users various ways to earn rewards by completing simple online tasks such as:

  • Taking surveys
  • Completing offers
  • Watching videos
  • Downloading apps
  • Referring friends

Users earn points called “coins” for completing offers. These coins can then be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

According to Freecash, the average user earns $10+ per day on the platform. However, earnings depend on how active you are.

Freecash Membership

Registering on Freecash is free and easy. You need to provide basic information like your email, username, password, and country.

Once registered, verify your email to unlock full site access.

Users must be at least 13 years old to join Freecash. The site is available worldwide, with offers tailored to each country.

Earning Opportunities

Freecash offers various ways to earn coins, including:

1. Paid Offers

Completing paid offers is the primary way to earn on Freecash.

Offers include:

  • Downloading and testing apps
  • Signing up for websites
  • Completing online surveys
  • Playing games
  • Watching videos
  • Reading emails
  • Completing bait surveys

Each offer clearly states how many coins you’ll earn for completing it. Offers range from around 100 to over 100,000 coins.

Higher-paying offers generally require more work. For example, downloading an app may pay 100 coins, while signing up for a website pays 500-1000 coins.

Freecash provides offers through various offer walls like AdGate Media, AdscendMedia, OfferToro, etc.

2. Surveys

Freecash provides paid surveys through partners like Opinion Outpost, Cint, and More.

To get survey invites, you need to fill out profile questions so you only get surveys you qualify for.

Each survey shows the time it takes, the topic, and how many coins you’ll earn. Surveys pay 100-1000 coins usually.

3. Referrals

You can earn by referring friends to Freecash.

When someone signs up using your referral link, you earn 5% of all their lifetime earnings.

Your referral bonus increases as you refer more users:

  • 5% for the first 25 referrals
  • 10% for the next 50 referrals
  • 15% for the next 100 referrals
  • 20% for the next 200 referrals
  • 25% for the next 500 referrals
  • 30% max referral bonus

You also get a one-time bonus when someone signs up using your link.

4. Contests

Freecash runs daily and monthly contests with cash prizes for top earners.

Prizes range from $5 – $500. This provides incentive to be active on the site.

5. Bonuses

Other ways to earn bonus coins include:

  • Daily check-in bonus
  • Daily and weekly streak bonuses
  • Promo codes
  • Level up rewards
  • Completion bonuses

So in addition to earning from offers/surveys, you can boost income through bonuses.

Payment Methods

Freecash offers numerous payout options including:

  • PayPal – Min $5
  • Bitcoin – Min 0.0003 BTC
  • Ethereum – Min 0.005 ETH
  • Litecoin – Min 0.05 LTC
  • Gift cards like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, etc – Min $5

For gift cards and PayPal, you need 5,000 coins to cash out.

For crypto, you only need 1000-5000 coins depending on market rates.

Freecash claims to process payments within 24 hours. Based on user reviews, they do pay quickly.

I have been paid by Freecash myself multiple times over several years, so I can confirm they pay reliably.

Earnings Potential

How much you earn on Freecash depends on your activity level. Some key factors that affect earnings include:

  • Number of offers completed
  • Types of offers completed
  • Country location
  • Time spent on the site
  • Referral earnings
  • Ability to qualify for surveys

According to Freecash, active users earn an average of $10+ per day.

Top performers can earn over $20+ per day by maximizing high-paying offers, surveys, referrals, and contests.

So realistically, expect to earn $5 – $20 per day once you get the hang of it.

Earning the full $10+ daily will require consistency and dedication. You need to invest 1-2 hours daily and utilize all earning methods.

In my experience, $10-15 daily is achievable once you learn the system. It may take some trial and error at first.

Overall, Freecash does provide decent earning potential for the time spent. Just don’t expect to earn big money instantly without effort.

Mobile App

Freecash offers iOS and Android apps so you can earn on the go.

The app makes completing offers, surveys, bonuses, and more easy when away from your desktop.

The mobile and desktop experience are very similar. The app just optimizes the site for smaller screens.

One benefit of the app is getting push notifications for new surveys, offers, and promo codes.

Overall, the Freecash app works smoothly. It’s a great companion to the desktop site.

Pros and Cons


  • Well-established, legit company
  • Numerous offer walls and surveys
  • High paying offers and contests
  • Low minimum PayPal and crypto withdrawals
  • Instant gift card rewards
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Referral program with high commissions
  • Quick customer support


  • Limited offer selection in some countries
  • Surveys have low approval rate
  • Need patience to earn highest rewards
  • Repeated tasks can get boring
  • High earning requires consistency

Is Freecash Legit?

After extensively testing Freecash myself, I can confirm it is 100% legit and pays as advertised.

Here are some signs it’s legit and not a scam:

  • Founded in 2017, with an A+ BBB rating
  • Real company address and business info provided
  • Pays users consistently for over 5 years
  • Offer walls are from legit companies like AdGate and OfferToro
  • Positive reviews from payment-proof sites like TrustPilot
  • I have been paid by them myself numerous times

Freecash always credits coins instantly when you complete an offer or survey. You can cashout earnings reliably via PayPal or gift cards.

While no site is perfect, Freecash comes across as a transparent, legit platform to earn rewards. There are no signs of it being a scam.

You should have no problems getting paid if you use it as intended. Just don’t expect easy money, as it does require effort.

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Final Verdict

After extensively using Freecash myself for over 3 years, I can recommend it if you want to earn some extra cash online.

It’s one of the top GPT sites out there due to its reliable payments, high paying offers, and solid selection of rewards.

Just don’t expect to earn big money instantly. Like any GPT site, it requires consistency and dedication to maximize earnings.

The more time you invest, the more you’ll earn. Expect to earn around $5-20 per day, depending on your activity.

Overall, Freecash is ideal for anyone looking for easy ways to earn a little extra money in their free time.

You won’t get rich using it, but an extra $100-500 per month is reasonable with steady use. Give it a try and see for yourself.

So in summary, Freecash is a legitimate rewards site that provides various ways for users worldwide to earn money online. If you want to earn extra cash in your free time, it’s worth joining. Just be realistic with your earnings potential and dedicate time to maximize your rewards.


Is Freecash legit or a scam?

Freecash is 100% legit and pays users as advertised. It is an established GPT site founded in 2017 with a history of reliable payments. I have used Freecash for years myself and recommend it.

How much money can you really make?

Earnings depend on your activity level. Expect $5-20 per day, or $100-500 per month with steady use. Top performers can make $20+ daily. But it takes consistency.

Is there a Freecash app?

Yes, Freecash offers free iOS and Android apps so you can earn on your phone or tablet conveniently.

Does Freecash pay via PayPal?

Yes, Freecash offers PayPal cashouts. The minimum is only 5000 coins, worth $5. Payments are processed fast.

Is Freecash available worldwide?

Yes, Freecash is available globally. However, offer availability varies by country. Surveys target select countries.

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